Monday, May 13, 2019

Tarot Card Reading- The Mystery of Tarot Cards

Are Tarot cards evil?

Well, the answer is a definite no. To a lot of people, the concept of Tarot cards in itself is dangerous and they avoid it entirely because of the wrong beliefs attached to them.
Often considered as evil, tarot cards and daily tarot predictions are believed to curse people using them.

However, in reality, tarot cards are not bad in themselves, but the way they are presented can often create negative vibes.

What are Tarot Cards?

A tarot deck consists of 78 cards, each symbolized by a specific image and number representing a particular situation of life. 

22 cards are Major Arcana cards which represent life on a broader perspective, while the remaining 56 cards are Minor Arcana cards which represents specific life events and situations. 

Out of the 56 Minor Arcana cards, 16 cards are Court cards each reflecting various personality traits, while the remaining 40 are divided into 10 groups of 4 cards each reflecting day to day situations.

Are there any bad Tarot cards? Check if your Daily Tarot cards are safe.

Cards like “The Devil,” “Death,” “The Tower,” are often considered as bad tarot cards. However, in reality, it is essential to understand that no card is good or bad. Simply categorizing these cards based on their imagery is nothing more than stupidity. 

The meaning of these cards is different to different people in different circumstances, for example, “Death” may refer to the end of a rough life phase, rather than its literal meaning. 

These Daily Tarot cards are mere indicators of natural forces of life and should only be used to gain valuable insight into important life aspects.

Know who is Reading the Card?

In its most straightforward form, Tarot reading is a translation process where the reader sees few energies and then translates them into an understandable language. 

As a seeker, you should provide all the required information to the reader because incomplete information may lead to a blind spot and could affect the overall outcome. 

The reader should be able to read the cards and relate them with your issues and problems. The misconnection because of incomplete information can become one of the significant reasons why tarot reading is considered evil because people tend to stick to these readings and formulate their future actions accordingly.

How to use Tarot Cards safely for predicting future?

Tarot cards and their use as a tool for predicting future is quite a delicate task especially when the outcomes are unfavorable. It often happens that one wrong prediction might get you all worried and can shake you. 

So, if you are seeking help from tarot, be open to the outcomes both good and bad.
Before you get your Tarot cards to read, trust in its power and be very clear with what you want to know. A well-thought out question will help the tarot reader in understanding the cards correctly and establish the connection between you and the cards.

Few Steps to Consider to Avoid Chances of Bad Tarot Reading

  • Sit with a positive mind, and believe that no matter what is the outcome of the reading it will be for your good and benefit and there are no dangers attached to tarot reading.
  • If you are not comfortable getting a reading done and are getting negative vibes, don’t do it. You should be able to trust your instincts to get the maximum benefit from Tarot.
  • If you are seeing a particular Tarot reader, get in touch with someone who has already seen that person. This will help you understand the reading style and will also erase all worries associated with that person.
  • Be aware and careful of what you are asking. Revisit your thoughts to check whether you are ready for all possible outcomes or not.
Since ancient times Tarot reading has been a great instrument used for gaining valuable insight into future events and molding our present actions to avoid unwanted incidents.
More than a good or bad tool, tarot predictions is a useful study that helps to connect deeply with our intuitions and foresee our lives more clearly.